The Topic: I'm sure you've heard this a...

 godofchuck (1:57 PM)
...million times, Cloud, but damn, that's a big sword.


 Cloud Strife (2:06 PM)
Its what makes my fighting distinctive.. Couldn't let sephiroth run around with that long sword that only he could use without something cool of my own.

 Sephiroth (2:08 PM)
But in order to let you in on a little secret, its not about how big your sword is.. its about how many times you can summon KOTR in one move.. Let's face it the Genji glove + offering duo is just not the most devastating anymore.

Damn that stupid gold-chocobo accessible island. It seems like any wimp can beat me these days with KOTR.

 Squall Leonhart (2:09 PM)
Don't forget about Final Attack + Pheonix!

 Tifa Lockheart (2:10 PM)
How do you know about that, SeeD boy?

Squall Leonhart (2:10 PM) 
I read about it in can-o'-whoop-ass monthly FF7 issue.

 Tifa Lockheart (2:11 PM)
Oh. ok.

 Pac-Man (2:18 PM)
I remember when Up, Down, Left, and Right was enough for anyone.

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