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 cmcpher (9:34 AM)
One more reason I think this place is better than Forum2000 is that you do a more accurate job of writing dialog of the personas. The dialog sounds like things they'd actually say. I can hear them talking as I read the messages here. It's all very quite funny. Forum2000 on the other hand, seems to think that having Barbie talk about quantum physics, or Ayn Rand talk about anal sex, remains funny after a year or two. It doesn't.


 Xander Harris (9:40 AM)
What do you think guys, should we "do" this one? On the one hand, this guy's an embarrassment to humanity, but on the other hand, he payed us a compliment.

Crow T. Robot (9:40 AM) 
Um, Xander?

 Xander Harris (9:40 AM)
What? Oh shit, Jay left the mic on!

 Microphone Feedback (9:40 AM)
wooeeeooooo, eeeeoooooooeee!

 Denise Richards (10:36 AM)
So, what's so funny about a beautiful woman, or an icon of the same, talking about physics? We know stuff.

Dad (10:41 AM) 
That's nice, dear.

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