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Thanks... for not doing games


I am just happy you haven't setup some part of the site where you post like 4-8 pixels of an icon, and we are supposed to guess what icon it is. That would just be lame.

Thanks for not /just/ being lame.

And thanks for not taking all the images of all the icons and creating some 'photo mosaic' of the 'tron logo. Indeed, this would be lame.

I guess using different photos of meat, and meat products, as well as images of people with dreadlocks, and dreadlock-like appendages, to make a photo-mosaic of Kit Fisto, i guess that wouldn't be lame, though.


  Lord Amazorn

Well, thanks. It's good to hear what the kids are considering hot and not these days.

We don't directly act on any user comments, but please know that your input is valid, blah, blah, blah.

  Lord Amazorn

Okay, cancel the 'Conversatron Squares Game' project and order up 900 pounds of various meat products!

And I'm talking hand-selected here, we need visual quality and texture, people, texture!

Acquisition Managers  

I hate this job.

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