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Man....or Astroman?


"He did a good job cleaning up the place, but his boss didn't like him so they shot him into space"
Did MoAM do the theme for this show? (I'v never seen it cos I'm from the back of the outback)


  Joel Robinson

If by "do" you mean "re-record without permission or paying us anything," then yeah.

But hey, no hard feelings. I even did pyrotechnics for them on tour for awhile.

  Joel Robinson

Speaking of which, my escape pod crash landed out near you...could you go out and see if you can find a small spherical metal casing with the door blown off? I can't find my DeForest Kelly action figure, I think I may have left it in there.

Tom Servo  

Uh, Joel, don't you mean a "Dr. McCoy" action figure?

  Joel Robinson


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