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The Topic: Anakin Skywalker


What's the deal with Anakin. I thought the Jedi training would instill a sense of honor and respect, but he’s basically a angsty teen in love. Was Obi Wan just not ready for the task of taking on a padwan? Or, was it lack of foresight by Yoda, Mace and the rest of the council trying to force the “Balance of the Force?” Therefore clouding their judgment by seeking something instead of using patience…

Or, should we all just blame the dead guy Qui-Gon Jin?


  Dante Hicks

How is the Force unbalanced anyway?

Randal Graves  

As far as I can tell, it's unbalanced because there are too many goody-goodies running around and not enough bad motherfucker Sith Lords.

  Dante Hicks

Pretty stupid, if true.

Randal Graves  

Agreed, but at least there are some scenes of Natalie Portman's nipples. That white shirt must be self-refrigerating.

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