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The Topic: I (Heart) the Internet

  The Cynic

Today I have finally rejoined geek civilization by getting a cable modem. I then went online to see what pizza place delivers to my new apartment only to find I can order the pizza online.

God Bless America. And the internet. And possibly Al Gore, but I was never real clear on just what his involvement was.


  Al Gore

So, uh, you're having pizza?

You know, I quite enjoy pizza myself.

  Al Gore

I'm not really doing anything right now, haven't had lunch yet, maybe, you know...

Because I'm not busy.

  The Cynic

95 KB/second downloading that mouse driver I couldn't find the disk for.

*weeps with joy*

Sure, Al, ol buddy.
We need to go over your strategy for the next election anyway. You really sucked it up last time.

  Al Gore

Yeah, sure, great.

You can spot me the 5 bucks for the pizza, right?

  Al Gore

I'll pay you back, you know, when I'm elected.

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