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Damn you Marketing Wonks

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 Bart Mancuso

I just saw a commercial stating that Pert shampoo and conditioner are now available in separate containers. Approximately ten years ago, I remember their big deal was Pert Plus, the single container combination formula of shampoo and conditioner. Is the average consumer really stupid enough to be led around in circles like this?

 Marketing Wonks

Is there a way to answer this without admitting that we think consumers are stupid?

Marketing Wonks  

Hmmmm....No, I don't think so.

 Marketing Wonks

Ah well. How's the ad campaign for "Reece's Special Chocolate and Peanut Butter Seperates" coming?

Marketing Wonks  

"Two Great Tastes that Go Great Seperately!"

 Marketing Wonks

Oooh, that's good.

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