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The Topic: Video Store

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So, I'm a (famous blue & yellow video rental chain) employee and am having thoughts of opening my own private video store. I figure I'll make it an exact clone of (you-know-who), except that my prices and late fees will actually be reasonable, my selection will actually include unrated director's cuts and controversial films instead of forced edited versions, and I WON'T carry a bunch of dumb, useless-ass store-cluttering non-video merchandise like beef jerky and Buzz Lightyear toys. Any suggestions on a name for my place?


  Their Lawyers


Their Lawyers  

Wait, isn't that already the name of a discount store chain?

  Their Lawyers


No, that was just my new Automated Corporate Potential Lawsuit Detection and Guidance System.

Their Lawyers  

Ooh, neat.

  Their Lawyers

Yeah, watch it launch a heat-seaking cease and desist order.

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