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The Topic: Re: the muppet show

  Spider Man

You are aware it's Statler and Waldorf, not Waldorf and Statler, right?


  Karen the Cute Computer Engineer

Well, here's the thing, when we have a "dual Askee" like that, we try to put the names in the order that the characters appear, from left to right. And usually (Sifl & Olly, Bill & Ted) that works out to be the way that the names usually appear "in the wild." But that's not the case for those two. So we made a judgement call, since the order of the names isn't as important for them as it is for some of the others.

Waldorf and Statler  

Sounds to me like someone's just got too much time on their hands to overthink the junk that appears on this stupid website!

  Karen the Cute Computer Engineer

Yeah, well, don't be too hard on him, it isn't as bad as some of the comments we get back here.

Waldorf and Statler  

I was talking about you!

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