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the conversatron is a lot like the muppet show. the muppet show was a show about putting on a show and the conversatron is a q/a site about putting on a q/a site (ie, the writers discussing, amazorn, technical discussions) very behind the scenes.


Lego Man
That's a very apt sentiment, and actually a connection I've made as well, though it's certainly not planned. But it was one of the really fun things about the Muppet Show, and later ones that borrowed from it, like MST3k. Plus, it allows us to interact with the readers without simply becoming a boring weblog. I like to think it's not so much about taking down the "fourth wall" as putting up second, somewhat flimsy and translucent one in its place.

Waldorf and Statler
If you ask me, you need four brick walls... and a brick ceiling!

Lego Man
Uh, wouldn't a brick ceiling just collapse?

Waldorf and Statler
Only if we're lucky!

Waldorf and Statler
HA HA ha!

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