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Why, oh why is my dark sparkly green toenail polish named "Daisy the Pig"?


  Alyssa Jones

Okay, so George Lucas says that it's not that the Jedi can't have sex, "the thing that is forbidden is attachments - and possessive relationships."

  Alyssa Jones

I mean, as if it wasn't the ultimate geek male fantasy already. Impressing chicks with your 'Force Powers," a night of meaningless sex, and then in the morning,

"Yeah, uh, sorry babe, I'd call you, but you know, Jedi Code."

And people wonder why I've made the particular lifestyle choices I have.

Brodie Bruce  

Granted, yes, men are pigs, accepted. But what does any of this have to do with the stupid green nail polish?

  Alyssa Jones

Nothing, I just felt like bitching.

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