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The Topic: Serious Argh


I have a serious question, I'm asking you guys because I'm out of ideas for this computer problem. My mom bought an emachine with windows xp on it. She hates xp so I destroyed it and put windows 98 on it. The only problem is I can't find a non-xp audio driver for this machine and the only thing intel tells me is that I need to find the motherboard model...but where I could normally see this on startup, this piece of crap says "EMACHINES". And I cant open it because that would void the stupid warranty (which I dont care about but it is my moms compy so I gotta be careful) any ideas?


  Steve Ballmer

She hates XP? What did it ever do to her?

Sock Puppet Bill  

I told you people didn't really want more reliable kernel technology, but did you listen? Noooooo!

  Steve Ballmer

But you're just a sock puppet!


Just put XP back on and turn off the Luna interface. Nine out of ten Moms won't be able to tell the difference.

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