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Making the Pain

Hey Bacon, is there any way you can just get a total layman rolling on how to make a theme and get himself an icon?


There are two broad categories of themes on the site these days:
1) Standard "boxy" themes.
2) Everything else.

Boxy themes are the easiest to do. Examples include expert, night, solstice, val, valnight, xmas, bmw. Maybe some others I forgot about.

Everything else includes the more graphically, uh, challenging ones like Trend Whore (God how I hate it), Sketch, and Aqua UI.

In the case of a boxy theme there is a settings file that I edit to specify new colors and images to slot in. No new HTML templates are needed. I can send you a copy of one of the .ini files if you want to take a look. There's no easy way for people to submit .ini themes for testing though.

For other themes, there isn't really any easy way to send them to me. Basically I need 2 HTML files, one for the home page and one for the thread view, and all the new graphics. These can be zipped up (or whatever your favorite archiver is. I'm on OS X so I can handle just about any darn format) and placed on a web site or FTP server. I prefer that to getting them in email in any case.

Our Lawyers
Submission of theme does not guarantee that the theme will be added to the site. Selected themes are not gauranteed to be added in a timely fashion, or even looking the same as the sumbitted examples.

Thanks, Bacon. You were about as helpful as Koch would've been, but thanks for the effort. It's the thought that counts.

Did you mean "total layman" or "asswipe who doesn't know the first thing about doing graphics and HTML"?

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