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Yatta! is a dumb song about some Japanese guys who like "America-jin" words. Since their outfits are equally atrocious (they wear nothing but fig leaves) how would I go about systematically kicking each one in the balls effectively and effeciently?


The Evil Black Marble  

I'd like to take a time out here, and let everyone know what's wrong with this post. Because, frankly, we've been getting a lot of crappy posts this morning. More than usual, even. This one isn't particularly bad, but it's a good teaching example.

  The Evil Black Marble

1. All the exposition. Of course we know what Yatta! is. We know what everything is. Granted, it may be useful to have that information in the post for other, ignorant users, but we really don't care about them.

The Evil Black Marble  

2. The obvious misspelling. You're just leaving yourself open to be mocked. Which is fine, we like mocking people. But after awhile it's just cheap. And more to the point, if we don't mock you, we get a half dozen posts about how we "missed" the error.

  The Evil Black Marble

3. The meme itself is outdated. Sure, maybe you've just heard about Yatta! but it's old news. Now, you may say "Conversatron, you're nothing if not out of date" and that's true. I'm 8 bit myself. But just because we're out of date doesn't mean we like talking about out of date stuff. Keep current, people!

  The Evil Black Marble

4. Absolutely nothing about pushing marbles off of cliffs.

So, take these things into account with your questions, people, and try harder! Remember, this is a partnership here.

Our Lawyers  

The use of the word "partnership" does not imply that a partnership actually exists.

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