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I like to rename my RPG characters, but lots of my friends seem to think that's somehow heretical. How am I committing an offense by playing through FF7 as a blonde boy named something other than Cloud?


Hsu and Chan Tanaka, Game Designers  

I'm sorry, but there's no one from the "Sacred Church of the Console RPG" here to answer that question.

  The Nerds in the Audience

I believe relevant passage is thus:

"And lo, thou shalt not rename your RPG characters on the first play-through, or the sacred narrative shall be tainted. When replaying, the names may be altered, but only so long as the faithful is always mindful of the original meaning and meditates on it between combat."

Hsu and Chan Tanaka, Game Designers  

I was being sarcastic!

  The Nerds in the Audience

Uh...yeah, so was I.

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