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The AP US History Test

The Asker
What's the best way to cram for this test and actually pass? You did it for that one guy and his english paper, now can't you do it for a guy down on his luck that really wants to get a 4 or a 5 on this thing?


Bill & Ted
Okay, dude, here's what you do, you get a time machine, and go back to various points in US History. In each one, you grab some totally historical looking guy and then bring them all to the place where you're taking the exam.

Bill & Ted
Now, you're going to have to sneak them in, so you'll need a plan. First, you need to plan to go back in time from the future and set up...

Bill & Ted
Hey, why not just go into the future and ask yourself what's going to be on the test, and then go back and look up the answers?

Bill & Ted
Ted, that'd totally be cheating.

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