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This whole grammar nonsense

Okay, askers, looky here. If you're going to point out a grammatical or spelling error, you probably want to make sure you don't do the same yourself. This should go without saying I supose, however I have seen some of the questions here and I guess it may be a little tough for the Jerry's Kids in the audience to grasp. Moreover, who gives a shit if someone makes such a mistake? It's a freakin' message board not a thesis paper.

"Ohhh!!! Look at meeee! I found a spelling and/or grammar error in someone's question!! I'm sooo damn smart! I read things like The Economist and the Wallstreet Journal!!"

I'll tell you what. You askers out there go ahead and read my thread (if the mighty conversatron posts it, that is) and look for some errors of any sort. After this, draft a reply using some program that contains a Spell Check function. That way, there should be no mistakes in your response, thus ensuring that you don't look like an outright putz when you point out the mistakes I've made in my post. If you're very careful, I might even pretend to be interested in your response and attempt to post a reply, although you shouldn't count on it. I'll have likely moved on to another post by that time or have gone back to work.

...And for you other cheese-weasles out there, NAKED WASHING MACHINE BOY KICKS ASS. YOU JUST LEAVE HIM ALONE!


Kent Brockman
Annoying engineer is a jerk, dislikes other jerks, likes Naked Washing Machine Boy.

What's your opinion?

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