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The Topic: Why is it...


With the Tron that the threads with stars next to them often aren't as funny as those without stars? I mean, that Just Wondering thread got me laughing my ass off, but the None thread with a gold star next to it just left me feeling cold. Why?


  Agent Cooper

Well, there's no one answer to that question, miss. First off, however, know that threads don't receive stars until they have a certain number of votes. Thus, new threads will never have stars, no matter how hilarious. Secondly, the simple fact is that different people think different things are funny. I personally love that bit where some stiff takes a cream pie in the face. Meanwhile, my ex-partner Lenny loves watching people get physically hurt. To each their own.

  Agent Cooper

But finally, some of the 'humor' here is fairly stand-alone, while some requires knowledge of the peculiar history and characters of the site. Without knowing the 'backstory' in those particular cases, you may never get the joke, and a new dame such as yourself could be completely lost.

Naked Washing Machine Boy  

I'm not wearing any clothes!

  Agent Cooper

And there you have it.

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