The Conversatron, Trendwhore version! The Conversatron, Trendwhore version!
The wonderful world of ME!

(and by that I don't mean Millenium Edition, either... 'cause then that sentance would make bugger all sense)

I graduated in '99 from a highschool with 60 students, top student in a graduating class of 12. We didn't have any AP classes or honors level classes or anything, so I pretty much chose to graduate at 16 so that I could go direct to college. Since then I have been a theater major, a psychology major, a comp-sci major, and a graphic design major. I'm currently looking to transfer colleges as an art major, then move to England to marry my fiancé who lives there. I met him online 6 years ago. And I just got a cable modem and its speed makes me almost orgasmic with joy! Yatta!

Oh, a question.

Do you love me, baby baby, do you need me, ooh yeah, do you love me, will you love me forever?


Naked Washing Machine Boy
We love everybody!

Naked Washing Machine Boy
Even people who tell us their entire life stories for no reason!

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