The Topic:
Crow and Tom Servo...

The Question:

Joel always seemed kind of stony and Mike seems more clear-headed. Do you miss the crazy, hazy party days of yore?

 Crow T. Robot

On the contrary, while Joel appeared "out of it," he was always trying to look out for us, and we saw him as a father figure.

Tom Servo  

A hazy, bizarre, wacko father figure.

 Crow T. Robot

But Mike, well, we can pretty much bend his feeble little Wisconsinite mind to our whims.

It's fun!

Mike Nelson  

Guys, I've been staring at this picture for hours and I still don't see a sailboat. Don't these things usually have little dots on them or something? I mean, this just looks like a blank sheet of paper.

 Crow T. Robot

No, Mike, it's there, trust us. Try squinting more, and cross one eye.

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