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The Topic: Hey, I'm back!

  Jin Wicked

I guess my browser ate my cookie. I had to log back in, which was a bit difficult after almost poking my eye out on that spikey "trendy" thing. I'm happy to say I'm safely reset on a nice black background again, though.

What did I miss?


Tom Servo  

Heh, well, let's see...last time you were here, we were still taking stupid questions from random internet users, making dumb jokes about unrelated topics, and trying to substitute barely witty remarks and lame wordplay for actual humor.

Tom Servo  

So, uh...Let's see, since then...

  Crow T. Robot

I got a keychain.

Tom Servo  

Hey, yeah, Crow got a new keychain.

  Crow T. Robot

It's the kind that comes apart, and you give half to the valet when he takes your car!

Pretty neat.

  Crow T. Robot

Wish I had some keys.

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