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How comes maltesers are so very tasty yet so absolutely dessicating?


The Ghost of Douglas Adams
Well, this question is probably going to be terribly confusing for the Americans here, but "Maltesers" are small, round, chocolate covered malted milk balls. Much like "Milk Duds," except that they are, in fact, round, since they actually got it right this time, unlike the aforementioned candy, which is, after all, a dud.

The Ghost of Douglas Adams
The process by which they get the candies covered in chocolate without giving them a flat edge is, in fact, a bit of a trade secret. But anyway, back to the query, which, is basically asking "Why are my malted milk candies so dry?"

The Ghost of Douglas Adams
And of course, the answer is, "Because you're bloody well chewing on tiny fossilized bits of what was ostensibly once malted milk! Did you expect them to be juicy and tender? Do you want some sort of fruity center, you gibbering dolt?"

The Ghost of Douglas Adams
I hope this has been enlightening for all of you.

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