The Conversatron, Trendwhore version! The Conversatron, Trendwhore version!
What is...

the truth about cats and dogs? Honestly?


Uma Thurman
You can't handle the truth about Cats and Dogs!

The Writers

The Writers
I still think it would have been funnier if we had dressed up a cat and dog as Jack Nicholson.

The Writers
Wait, don't you mean take a cat and a dog and dress one up like Nicholson and one up as Tom Cruise?

The Writers
No, no, take a cat and a dog and together dress them up as Jack Nicholson.

The Writers
I just don't get you sometimes, Ted.

Uma Thurman
Uh, can I go now?

The Director
Yeah, sure, Uma, take five.

We could be here for awhile.

The Writers
So, what, the cat is sitting on the dog's lap?

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