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The Topic: Running for Office

  Mackinaw Joe

I, Joe, toss my hat into the ring in the race for non-Christian askee!

In answer to these questions,
"what are your qualifications in Hindu studies, and your stands on the issues of Muslim conflict on the Indian subcontinent, vegetarianism, and of price gouging on impulse buy items?"

It is important for your candidate to have strong stances on these crucial topics. I say that I am pro-Hindu studies, I am anti-conflict, and I believe vegetarianism is a lifestyle decision that the government should not be involved in. Finally, I resolve to investigate allegations of price-gouging, and will take decisive action where the culprits did not help in getting me elected! Thank you, and and may a multitude of deities Bless America!


  Apu Nahasapeemapetilon

I find your evasive, patronizing non-answers both mollifying and diverting.

However, we are no longer accepting applications at this time.

  Apu Nahasapeemapetilon

Thank you, come again.

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