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Mr. Slappy
If you wear sandles all the time, and your intials happen to be J.C. How long do you have to wait, to find out if you are the reincarnated Jesus Christ?


Cecil Adams
Well, aside from the fact that reincarnation is another religion altogether, the problem with your question...well, okay, another one of them, is that "Christ" is a title, not a last name. You don't really think Queen Victoria's real first name was "Queen," do you?

Now, on the other hand, "Jesus" is the Greek form of the Hebrew "Joshua" (meaning "Jehovah saves"). Galileans during the time of Christ spoke Aramaic, but apparently they used Hebrew names for their kids the way Italian-Americans, say, might use an Italian name today.

By the time the Gospels were written in 60 AD or so, Greek had come into general use for literary purposes and "Joshua" became "Jesus." The prefix bar- means "son of" in Aramaic, so if you wanted a "last name" it would be "bar-Joseph," and roughly translated today that gives you "Josh Josephson."

Electric Jesus
But don't call me "J.J."

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