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Missing Bacon

The Question:

You haven't posted any of my questions recently. I don't blame you; they weren't very interesting, and I'm not a buxom chick with nekkid pix to share.

That aside, I miss Bacon. What is FCOJ going to do w/o Bacon, its humorous counterpart?

 Pure Concentrated Orange Juice

God, I don't even know.
I'm not even a sidekick, I've only been out 3 or 4 times!

 Pure Concentrated Orange Juice

Why must the world be so cruel?


Hey, keep it down over there or we'll take you out of that freezer and give you something to cry about!


You can do it, FCOJ! Just believe in yourself! And remember that no matter what anybody says, you're part of a balanced breakfast!

 Pure Concentrated Orange Juice

Put me in coach,
I'm ready to play,

Put me in coach...


OJ! There's a breakfast over on Prune St. that needs balancing ASAP!
Think you're up to it?

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