The Topic: Not that Topic Lengt

 godofchuck (9:55 PM)
The one above me. See? I couldn't even finish my topic. Might I add I loved Brisco County, Jr.


Bender (10:04 PM) 
Yeah, well maybe your topics are too long, skinstuffing.

 Brisco County Jr. (10:07 PM)
But he has good taste.
We'll at least think about it, right?

 Tron (10:07 PM)
For every extra byte of topic length, needy lower middle class programs lose their housing. So be grateful for what you have.

 The More You Know (10:07 PM)
Please, conserve topic space.

You'll be glad you did.

 Brisco County Jr. (10:10 PM)
Can you believe that X-Files was scheduled to run in the time slot immediatly after Brisco because Brisco was an "assured success", and X-Files was a risky show that everyone thought would fail?

 Brisco County Jr. (10:10 PM)
They thought its only chance was to ride in on my coat-tails.


Special Agent Fox Mulder (10:10 PM) 
Hey Scully check this out. There's ample documentation of powerful, mysterious golden orbs being found in the western states in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

Special Agent Dana Scully (10:10 PM) 
Not now Mulder, I have a headache.

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