The Topic: Founders?

 godofchuck (9:53 PM)
So who made the Conversatron?


 The Conversatron (9:58 PM)
I did.

 The Terminator (10:03 PM)
August 19th, 1997 2:14 EDT, The conversatron became self-aware. For two years it drew a panel of fictional characters to itself. December 12th 1999, it put itself on-line.

 Max (10:23 PM)
Isn't the funny metal man supposed to be singing, Sam?

Sam (10:25 PM) 
Appaarently he's picked up some kind of malfunction. Why don't you see if you can help him out, little buddy.

 The Terminator (10:25 PM)
Querying mission parameters.... The action "singing" appears 0 times in my mission priorities.

 Sam (6:21 AM)
Then how do you explain this little ditty here, twinkletoes?

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