The Conversatron, Trendwhore version! The Conversatron, Trendwhore version!

The Cynic
I can't imagine why nobody has done this earlier. Possibly because nobody is interested. That's a chance I'll have to take.

I present to you, <a href="">The Conversaforum</a>! It is a forum set up with the intention of giving the Conversatron readership a place to go and freely chitchat. So now, all those times when you wanted to, e.g., choke someone over something they posted, you can! Or, well, you can post about wanting to choke them.

If it is deemed to be a good and worthy thing, it could be posted in the Links section here. Whether it is temporary or semi-permanent depends on whether or not anything other than me is interested.

Note that it requires an ezboard account, which has a much more in-depth registration process than The Conversatron. Can't win em all.

There's an 8 day trial membership to find out if it's worth me actually registering the board for keeps. THERE IS NO CAUSE FOR ALARM. PROCEED IN AN ORDERLY FASHION.


Lord Ottombottom
Pay? Pay to support a message board? For us? Good heavens! We wouldn't ask that of you!

Doctor Drinkmeier
I present you with... an alternative: Find some freely available "web message board" software, and we'll run it here, in our... domicile. With you as administrator, of course.

I'd like to amend that offer to read "message board software that DOESN'T SUCK".

Doctor Drinkmeier
Ahh, Dogbert, how alike, and yet so apart we are.

What does that even mean?

Doctor Drinkmeier
I must go.

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