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i've got a plan:
see, the juno awards are coming up, and nickelback is nomintated in nearly all the damn categories that our lady peace is nominated in, and our lady peace could kick nickelback's ass, they've been around longer and they rock harder and they're just plain better though i suppose i'd rather watch this is how you remind me or whatever a million and three times instead of say britney spears (and what was she doing answering in the tron anyways? grr grr) or her dumbass ex-boyfriend.
so i'm going to scandanavia or norway or newfoundland or wherever the hell the junos are going to be and if nickelback when any, i mean ANY of our lady peace's awards i'm going to charge my hobbit self up on stage and kick them and bite them and throw rocks at them and steal their statuettes and give them to OLP who deserve it, by gollee.

does anyone give a damn about the junos anyway?


Okay, and the "Junos" are...?

Bob & Doug McKenzie
They're the Candadian Emmy's ya hoser. That's right, isn't it, the ones with music?

Bob & Doug McKenzie
Yeah, that's it, they're the Emmy's. They're like the Emmy's, eh, but with less corruption. That's not sayin' much, tho, you know.

Bob & Doug McKenzie
Yeah, they've got 63.62% as much corruption as the Emmy Awards.

Little currency joke there for ya.

Bob & Doug McKenzie
Right, but, so, anyway, eh? They already happened. Last week I think. Those Nickel guys won all of 'em. Well, four, or so, but, yeah, Our Lady Peace they just came up empty.

Bob & Doug McKenzie
So, yeah, sorry to be the bearers of bad tidings and all there.

But you know, honor just to be nominated and all that.

Bob & Doug McKenzie
And the fact that you didn't even know they already happened really speaks to the fact of how much people care about them, eh?

Bob & Doug McKenzie

Bob & Doug McKenzie
So, you're a hobbit, eh?

What's that like?

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