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The Topic: The Con/Lately


I don't think I can deal with this any longer.

Popularity, in-jokes, seeing the same damn people get posted all the time... I mean, I like the 'tron because it makes me laugh and forget for a moment that life ain't pretty, but now... goddamnit people, this is supposed to be a humor site, not a "let's discuss the drilling/job offer/my lame friends and roommates" site. Go form a Yahoo! group or something.


  Keith Olbermann discussion of current events, politics, personal lives, careers, or the site itself.

But you still want "humor".

Okay, I'll see what I can do.

  Keith Olbermann


Hilarious Rubber Chicken!  


  Keith Olbermann

"You can't stop the rubber chicken, you can only hope to contain him!"

  Keith Olbermann

There, that should do it.


That's awesome.


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