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Given two job choices --
Work for a friendly, diverse company a short distance from home that makes bomb parts for the military;

Or work for a not so friendly, homogeneous company a long distance from home that does not.

Both pay the same; which would one choose? I'm having a hard time deciding. Askees?


Well, uh, who does this other company make bomb parts for then if not the military?

... does not make bombs. They make machines which test processors, which is pretty kick ass. But they are less friendly. So, friendly company making bomb parts, less friendly company not. Which would you choose?

It's hard to make a morally thoughtful decision when we don't know how much they each pay.

They pay enough.
I'm worried about the one that makes bomb parts: it's not like it would be a distant division that would make the parts, it would be my job to help produce the parts. In short time they could get dropped on someone, somewhere. The friendly atmosphere at the bomb part making company would keep me happy, but the work I do would make me guilty. Working at the other company might suck, but I wouldn't be making weapons. These are my choices, happy bomb guilty or unhappy no bomb innocent. Which would you choose?

Dr. Niles Crane
The simple fact is that you need to make this decision for yourself. But consider this: are you against the use of bombs, and military force in general, in any and all cases by this country and its allies? If so, and you will feel guilty at this job, your mind is already made up. However, if you do, in fact, support the military exercises currently under way, or would support those in the future (and there is a war going on, several in fact) then it strikes me that you may be being selfish: supportive of the goals that these bombs may facilitating, but hesitant to "get blood on your hands" by actually being party to their construction. In fact, you are less responsible for the results of the potential use of these bombs than someone who voted for a non-pacifist member of Congress, which, I'm willing to hazard a bet, was most people.

Dr. Niles Crane
Of course, this appears to be the central issue at stake here, and the "corporate culture," and other concerns should not sway you too much, or you may regret the decision later.

Assistant D.A. Dan Fielding
Unless the bomb company has hotter chicks.

Assistant D.A. Dan Fielding
In that case, it's your patriotic duty to help those poor souls and "absolve them of their guilt," if you know what I mean.

I'm opposed the varous wars on terror, because they mostly harm innocent people. So generally I have made up my mind; the company that doesn't make bomb parts.
But I'm more wondering what everyone else thinks.
I invoke *the Open Thread*

Dr. Niles Crane
Sorry, but having an open thread would just be letting the terrorists win.

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