The Topic: forum 2000 ripoff

 The Asker (8:55 PM)
This site seems to be experiencing a distinct lack of "funny". You seem to have stolen everything else from forum 2000, including setup and style of writing, why not steal some of their sense of humor at the same time.


 Dilbert (8:57 PM)
Sure, like F2k has a lock on the "bitter computer scientist" style of writing on the web.

 Space Moose (8:58 PM)
We'd love to be as funny as the Forum, but first you must submit a gif of your shaved, oiled ass.

 Space Moose (8:58 PM)
How was that?

 Stan (8:59 PM)
Looks like Corey isn't getting any homosexual sex again!

 Cartman (8:59 PM)

Bacon (9:01 PM) 
Cartman, I have underestimated you.

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