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The Topic: Alt tags


Im too lazy to read through the back topics, but heres a situation, TMOL, and conversawang have Alt tags, and yet you do not.

There are some Gurus here who I would like to find out about, would it be possible to implement alt tags?


Steve Ballmer  

We had to drop ALT tag support in order to make room for the new Passport IntelliTheft APIs.

  Sock Puppet Bill

And the hooks into's new SmartShaft technology.

  Lester Knight Chaykin

Why the hell do you want alt tags? They make the site nearly unreadable in lynx.

  Lester Knight Chaykin

I mean Jesus, you fuckers.

  Lester Knight Chaykin

  Lester Knight Chaykin

Wow, calling our readers "fuckers" sure feels good after getting out of a three-hour game object design meeting.

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