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The Topic: Can I kill her now?

So my roommate has a slight head cold. Poor baby.

Also, she gets up (for gosh-knows what reason) at 7:30 on days when she has class, regardless of when the class is. Today, she did not have to leave for class until 9:40.

Also, I do not have class until 1, so I do not get up until at -least- 10:30.

So.. She's in the room while I'm trying to sleep for two hours and ten minutes, and she has a slight head cold. Meaning that, for two hours and ten minutes, she's going around, clearing her throat. Every seven seconds, on average. Loudly. The same, exact sound, every single time, too. A little "Err-err-err!" every seven seconds.

I timed her. Sometimes it was 2 seconds between throat-clearings, sometimes it was a complete 11 seconds. At 7:30 AM. While I was trying to sleep.

I'm considering making her choke on throat losenges, just for the irony. Any better suggestions?


Alexander Hamilton
I don't think you should disparage your room-mate for waking early. For as Ben Franklin said, "early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise."

Thomas Jefferson
Yes, but Alex, this isn't a man we're talking about. And she's obviously not healthy.

Alexander Hamilton
Well, truthfully, Ben Franklin didn't know what he was talking about half the time anyway.

Thomas Jefferson
He really was an ass sometimes, wasn't he?

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