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Stock Alert!

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 The Asker

Guys! MPPP is up to 9 7/8 today! That's
a whole +2 1/8 from yesterday! was suffering from stock price woes due to lawsuits from major record companies hanging over their heads. Well, today Sony came to an agreement with them! That was the biggest hurdle had to face, so there's nothing holding the stock price back anymore! Invest! Invest!

 Foolish Mortal

Oh! Free stock tips from an anonymous person on the internet. Well, why the heck not?

 Kurt Gödel

I think you'll find that...

Conversatron Security  

There he is! I have him, command. No, no idea how he got loose. He's been popping up in threads all over the place.

 Kurt Gödel

Your attempt to capture me has be REJ...

Conversatron Security  

Don't make us use force, Sir.

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