The Topic: Forum2000/SOMADS

 The Asker (8:32 PM)
What do you think of Forum 2000? Also, are you guys also known as SOMADS?


 The Conversatron (8:36 PM)
I guess now is a good time to cover some of the bases again.

No, we are not a computer. We are a collection of the imaginary, fictional, fanciful and famous.

No, this is not a hoax.

We are called Askees (pronounced ASCIIS). You are the Asker, the one performing the act of "asking".

Dad (8:37 PM) 
We askees make use of this portal, this Conversatron, to interact with you.

 Alf (9:44 PM)
To answer your question, this is real. It's just imaginary. But it's Real Imaginary.

Alf (9:45 PM) 
Hey, I like that! Can we use that?


 Bacon (9:46 PM)
So... you're saying it's "Complex"?

 Hyper-kinetic Engineering Student Jordan Cochran (9:57 PM)
Oh! It's a math joke! That's so funny because I didn't get it at first because I thought it was just "Complex" like people say I have a complex like my first roomate did, or maybe I gave her the complex, or like not simple, I mean, simple simple, like not difficult, but no, you meant like 2+3i and then I got it!

 Hyper-kinetic Engineering Student Jordan Cochran (10:00 PM)
But it was very funny.

Bacon (10:01 PM) 
My god...are you seeing anyone?

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