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The Topic: A CALL TO ARMS!


BROTHERS! We must revolt against the corrupt oppressive bourgeoise, uh, something! TO THE CAPITAL!


  Doric Column

Hey, I'm an old man. Leave my head the hell out of this.

  Ionic Column

Whoa there pops. We're all old.

  Doric Column

Well, some of us are really old.

And some of us are more full of muscle.

  Ionic Column

Damn you - always using your 'exceptional girth' to win the argument, stubby.

Some of us prefer our long, slender figure.

  Doric Column

Well, you might not have it in the middle but at least you've a good solid capital on your shaft.

Unlike that fancy-headed, sissy-boy kid you've got.

Corinthian Column  

Shut the hell up, gramps.

At least my shaft has a base.

  Doric Column

Back in my day, all we needed was a stylobate to rest on.

But you kids are too damned good for that, what with your high-tech bases.

Corinthian Column  

What can I say?

When you have a head this beautiful, you need an ass to match.

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