The Topic: Ajax

 The Asker (8:17 PM)
How can you be answering questions here when half of you are answering similar questions in a more bitter fashion at the exact same time over at Forum 2000?


 Old, Tired Spock (8:18 PM)
Your question contains a false assumption.

 Bacon (8:19 PM)
But we are not as bitter.
We've graduated.

 Fry (9:22 PM)
But most of us still owe tons of back tuition.

 Max Headroom (9:47 PM)
Here's Here's what's up.

The questions at the Forum

Max Headroom (9:49 PM) 

 Max Headroom (9:49 PM)
Forum 2000 are being answered by computerizedized simulations

Max Headroom (9:51 PM) 
simulations of certain fictional and nearly fictional people. People

 Max Headroom (9:51 PM)
People here are not computerized simulations but the honest to Betsy real

Max Headroom (9:51 PM) 
Just like Mother used to make

 Max Headroom (9:51 PM)
real real thing. So this is Real Real Fiction!

 Max Headroom (9:51 PM)
No added flavors or preservatives. Some people will get it.

 Joel Robinson (9:53 PM)
The Right People will get it.

 Fry (9:53 PM)
But wait! You are a computerized simulation, Max.

 Max Headroom (9:53 PM)
...And some people will be better off watching T.V.


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