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The Topic: in-Filtration

  Tycho Brahe

I think I'm going to have to disagree with you a bit on your "Photoshop Filters" comment. A ssomeone who uses Photoshop on a daily basis, there are certain PS filters that any user, even an advanced digital painter, relies on heavily. Unsharp mask, gaussian blur, texture, grain, offset, lighting effects, noise, and high pass are all filters that can be used to greatly enhance and expand upon the abilities of an already skilled designer or digital artist.

Now if we're talking about "eye candy", or some other prepackaged effect library of 130,00 different ways to make a bevel look terrible, then I couldn't agree with you more.



Look, you and I both know the value of a good Gaussian Blur + Level adjustment, but I think it's obvious what kind of filter "Geek Art" guy was talking about.

  Tycho Brahe

Now, with even cooler LensFlares!(tm)

Ring Explosion (with lens flare!)  

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