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The Topic: Water with wine?


Since when do martinis contain wine? Proper martinis are mostly gin with a tiny bit of vermouth (which is a cordial created by distilling wine, true, but it's also nearly twice as strong as wine). Of course, certain British iconoclasts replace the gin with vodka, but they also tend to engage evil villains with delusions of adequacy.


  Pushpin Pig

Vermouth is actually fortified wine with added proprietary herbal extracts, sugar, caramel and water.

Fortification is the process of adding additional distilled alcohol, as opposed to distilling the wine itself to increase its potency.

  Pushpin Pig

But it's still wine.

As opposed to still wine, which is a different thing entirely.

  Pushpin Pig

And the only true dry martini is made with gin and with Noilly Prat vermouth, stirred and then strained, served in a chilled cocktail glass with a green olive, made better if it still has the pit.

  Pushpin Pig

The vodka drink made with vermouth and served with an olive or lemon peel is actually called a vodkatini or a vodka martini.

  Pushpin Pig

I'm a professional, so you can trust this load of blathering crap.

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