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The Topic: Hey!


What happened to the friging at night theme, that is my favorite theme ever.


Captain Haddock  

I like it myself, though I'd like it more if it held a promise of whiskey instead of martinis.

Captain Haddock  

I mean, what kind of ninny would dilute their already water-like alcohol with wine?!

  Milkman Dan

Me for one.

I take my drinks any way they go down.

Captain Haddock  

I'll bet you'd drink lighter fluid, you heathen! You pockmark! Ostrich! Visigoth! Baboon! Toilet-plugger! Vandal! Bashi-bazouk!

  Milkman Dan

Hell, I'd drink any of those things if they were in my hand right now.

That 'toilet-plugger' sounds like my kind of drink.

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