The Topic:
Why Deathmatch?

The Question:
Why do people keep submitting suggestions for things like fights between two askees, or similar uninteresting content? I mean, at least the random discussion of genitalia are amusing, not just a boring, hypothetical situation that no one willa gree on an answer too. I mean, what's next, the Enterprise Vs. the Death Star question?

Old, Tired Kirk  
I think we all know that answer to that one.

Don King  
Well my close personal friend the Death Star, whom I have chosen to manage, may have something to say about that. The Star of Death, the master of disaster, the fire of the Empire. You have been challenged, my friend! The Death Star, having beaten that also-ran of Alderaan, is ready for you. Only in America, my friend, only in America.

Ship's Counselor Deanna Troi  
Actually, the individual countries of the Earth banded together into a United Government in the year...

Don King  
Why that's astounding, little lady. Astounding and confounding! Only in America! But back to the 'bout! The matchup to end all matchups, the Enterprise, the queen of the skies, piloted by those Star Trek guys, against the Death Star, you know it'll go far. We can of course discuss the percentages of the profits, plus pay-per-view....

Lt. Commander Data  
Actually, both pay-per-view and later the concept of "money" itself were both made obsolete in the early...

Don King  

Don King  
Well, look at the time. Gotta run!

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