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The Topic: lawsuit on mythic

now a company is suing mythic for restricting the sale of mythics own ingame items... doesnt this sound absurd? geeks wont be able to sell their, or actually mythics, gear on ebay.. awww poor babies!


Lord Amazorn
As a capitalist, I find the behavior of most companies running MMOGs sickening.

The Nerds in the Audience
The fact that they try to block the sale of game data on third-party sites?

Lord Amazorn
The fact that this has been going on for years now and none of the companies has had the foresight to set up their own game marketplace so they can take a cut of the transaction!

Gabe & Tycho
The ironic thing being that if these people spent as much time increasing their sewing and leathermaking skills in real life as they did in-game, they could sell actual clothing goods on ebay instead.

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