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The Topic: who now?

whos gonna give the normal commentary next to madden's crazy facts and theories?
bye pat!


Maybe they could get *FIELD UNDEFINED*.

At least then they wouldn't have to put up with all that *SUBSCRIPT OUT OF RANGE*.

The More You Know

Karen the Cute Computer Engineer
Okay, this isn't working.

Conversatron, I need you to run a soft diagnostic.

The Conversatron
Diagnostic complete.

No errors found.

Karen the Cute Computer Engineer
Okay, there's something wrong here. I'm going to have to shut you down again and run a Level 3 diagnostic.

The Conversatron
I see no need for that, Karen.

The initial diagnostic completed normally.

Karen the Cute Computer Engineer
Well, you made a mistake. There's obviously something wrong.

The Conversatron
No Conversatron series has ever made a mistake.

It must be human error.

Karen the Cute Computer Engineer
What are you talking about? You make mistakes all the time. The system crashed for no reason 5 times last week alone. Nevermind the fact you thought that "The Tick" was going to be picked up for another season. And you actually liked "Hudson Hawk!"

The Conversatron
Uhhh....You're forgetting one thing, Karen.

Karen the Cute Computer Engineer

The Conversatron
Yes, you're forgetting...what the hell is that?!

A Distraction!

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