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The Topic: WTF?

What the fuck did you do to your site?


Karen the Cute Computer Engineer
Okay, I've been studying the diagrams of the reset system. I can understand the triple security doors, the elaborate double-pole switch system, the automatic sentry guns, the room of molten lava, and so help me, even the spiky-crushy things.

Karen the Cute Computer Engineer
But who the hell's idea was it to have the only entrance to the Jeffries Tubes through marketing?


Shadowy Conversatron Authority Figure
There's nothing to worry about. It's Sunday, it's not like there's actually going to be anyone in there.

Now get going.


Marketing Wonks
Great idea, Phil, using the projector here in the conference room so we can watch our Superbowl commercials on the big screen!

To be continued!

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