The Topic:
Journey to the end of the Ocean

The Question:
Lets Face It  
What was wrong with the Titanic?

Cliff Clavin  
Well, other than the obvious, the fact that it struck an iceberg, the Titanic's undoing was the fact that while its hull was compartmentalized for safety, the iceberg gouged the hull in such a way that several of the compartments were flooded. Eh, also, the compartmentalization did not reach to the deck of the ship, so as the ship listed, the compartments all filled with water, as their tops fell below the water line. Also, there is evidence that the iron used in construction was of poor quality for shipbuilding, but that's another story.

Lego Man  
Wait a minute, something's wrong here...I'm pretty sure that's actually right.

Cliff Clavin  
However, there's evidence that the so-called "iceberg" the ship hit was in fact a UFO, that had crash landed in the Bermuda triangle and drifted northward to escape capture by the French. The fact that the Titanic hit this "iceberg" instead of turning can be explained by the alien ship's, eh, cloaking device.

Lego Man  
Ah, there we go.

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