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The Topic: Sure, Karen's cute

But when did she get so surly? She was always stand-offish, but usually with a kind of calm exasperation.

Now she's becoming unpleasant. Has her testosterone level increased? Is she going through some freaky early menopause?


Karen the Cute Computer Engineer
Excuse me? Surly?

How, exactly, am I surly?

Yeah, I think the word you're looking for is "bitchy".

Well, "No, the fact is we're just lazy asses." sounds more surly than bitchy. Bitchy would be, "No, the fact is you're just not worth it."

There was another one recently that led me to the surly conclusion, but I can't remember what it was.

I'm concerned.

Karen the Cute Computer Engineer
Hello, I was being self-deprecating, not surly, you little jerk.

Not that I expect you to even know what that means.

OK, now you have to admit, that's "bitchy."

Karen the Cute Computer Engineer
Shut it, duck!

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