The Topic:
Do You Not think we should have.

The Question:
Das Boot  
shouldnt we have British Askees so that when i ask a question at midday british time which sis about 3am U.S time insyead of waiting 4 or 5 hours i could get an answer from British askees...then i could talk about certain subjects which refer to britich culture - like fish and chips and magmaloos.....

Douglas Adams  
Oh, very well. But I should let you know I take rather extremely long lunches.

Das Boot  
then what do you think of magmaloos - the hottest curry in the world? (served in newcastle)

Douglas Adams  
I was in the middle of responding to your last comment, and then you went and changed it. It now seems more work than should be necessary to keep up.

Das Boot  
i apologuse profusely for my misdemeanor - please forgive me, if you do accept my sincere apologies then please would you answwer my question about curry?

Douglas Adams  
Oh very well. Do you actually want a sort of restaurant review, or shall I say something funny about how curry is one of Britian's national dishes despite the fact that we stole it from India, or how Newcastle curry is so hot to make up for the fact that their weather is so dreary, or some witty remark on some totally unrelated subject?

I think I'll simply take a quite very late lunch and call it dinner.

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