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 Scotfox (11:57 AM)
Arnold and Clippy singing a duet, Space Moose and Milkman Dan wishing they could be each other, Zex getting dissed again, the triumphant return of Baron Munchausen, and renewed talk of gaining levels, all in one day? What, are the planets aligned, or are we about to have an eclipse, or something?

Next thing you know, someone's going to try to tell me that Alf is a card-carrying member of the Communist party.


 Yakov Smirnoff (12:23 PM)
Many Comrades lives were lost retreiving these tapes from Western Europe.

 Yakov Smirnoff (12:25 PM)
Eating cats.
Now thats funny!

Yakov Smirnoff (12:25 PM) 
Funny 'cause its true! At least, during the Glorious Bread Shortage of '86.

 Comic Book Store Guy (12:25 PM)
I, in fact, own the complete set of Alf episodes.
Alas, it is on pirated VCD from China, and has Chinese subtitles.

 Comic Book Store Guy (12:25 PM)
My repeated requests to Warner Bros for a DVD release, complete with original teasers and commercials, has gone unanswered.

 Comic Book Store Guy (12:25 PM)
Perhaps the new management at AOL-Time/Warner will be more amicable to my demands.

Alf (12:26 PM) 
Maybe you should try to track down the European LaserDisc release from 1993.

 Comic Book Store Guy (12:28 PM)
I will excuse your perpetuation of that persistent rumor.
This time.
And further, do you know how expensive it is to buy the PAL/NTSC conversion electronics needed to watch European LDs in this country?

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